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We view the Learning & Developement Lab as an opportunity to transfer knowledge and skills, but also the Christian worldview. It is, above all, a place to get to know our course participants and to enrich each other. In everything we do, we strive to maintain a personal approach and to meet the needs of our participants.


In collaboration with the Christian Business Club, we have held various courses, trainings and workshops covering a wide range of topics.

The workshop called Business & Bible, was intended to encourage and empower participants in gaining greater clarity of thinking about entrepreneurial ideas, personal talents and potentials, as well as to convey the beauty of listening and fulfilling God's will in business and private life.

Through the Project management training, trainees learned how to better organize work and thus do more in less time, they became familiar with project management terminology, acquired the expertise needed at different levels of project responsibility, and learned modern methods and techniques for project planning and management in day-to-day business.

The cycles of lectures held by professor Višnja Bartolović covered topics concerning physical and spiritual health relying on the advice of St. Hildegard of Bingen. Furthermore, the course attendants got knowledge in the field of self-management, planning, confidence, prayer and coping with stress.

In the workshop God - My First Business Partner, the lecturers, married couple Allan and Clare Thomson from South Africa, testified about the experience of God's presence in their private and professional life. They also explained how they hear the will of God in prayer and how that has been crucial to their lives and business decisions.

Moreover, we have organized English and German courses, a wool felting workshop and an excel course. At the Learning & Developement Lab were also held three interactive children's plays by Diana Merey Sarajlija.


We would like to continue sharing knowledge and learning skills in a good mood and relaxed atmosphere. Our plan is to launch renewed Business & Bible workshops as well as Project management training and to introduce a training concerning the agile approach to project management.